Welcome to Lecon Energetics Pvt. Ltd.

    Lecon is a high-quality manufacturer of customized FCMAplus soft starters and power capacitor panels (APFC panels). Our Medium Voltage FCMAplus and Low Voltage FCMAplus soft starters are our flagship products, and we possess deep product expertise in design, production and servicing.

    We are a Bengaluru, India based company having specialty in induction motor starting and protection, having successfully supplied all over India and the World. In less than 8 years since inception, Lecon has supplied close to 800 starter solutions in a diverse set of industries, with many clients coming to us repeatedly.

    Our presence in motor starters, Detuned Filters and APFC panels is felt in all heavy industries from Oil and Gas, Steel, Fertilizers and Water Supply, with marquee customers being PDO Oman, JSW, BWSSB, GWSSB to name a few.

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Our Esteemed Customers

Lecon energetics is a manufacturer of motor soft starter,detuned filters & APFC panels
The Lecon team has soft starters for motors which are electromagnetic in nature

Why Lecon?

  • Looking for a motor starter without harmonics? Our reactor-based MV and LV FCMAplus soft starters are electromagnetic in nature, with ZERO electronics, ensuring that harmonics disturbances are forgotten
  • Our globally experienced engineers and technicians providing dedicated customer support right through all stages to ensure an on-time delivery of products at the highest quality
  • Exclusive prediction of precise starting current achieved by impedance measurement

Our Global Presence

Lecon energetics is a leading fcma soft starter manufacturers in india