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Lecon FCMAplus /HFSRplus Soft Starter

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Our VPI technology, unique amongst our competitors, allows for greater rigidity to our coils, to ensure each turn, layer and interstice is impregnated with resin, allowing for unmatched rigidity and insulation integrity. This indispensable feature allows for greater longevity of our soft starters vis-à-vis our competitors. No VPI technology presents; results in poor rigidity of coils and lower longevity of starters.
We separate ourselves from the competition by measuring the impedance of the reactor coils which guarantees the starting current of the motor as promised to the customer. We follow strict quality norms outlined in IEC-60076-6, ensuring the customer receives accurate impedance measurement. No measurement of Impedance; will result in inexact starting current as it is critical to accurate starting current prediction.
We offer versatile design with FIVE different voltage tap designs – Design Tap (DT) (DT +5%, DT +10%, DT +15%, and DT +20), as per IEC-60034 for starting current and starting torque, motor starter manufacturers specify design tolerance of 20% for starting current and torque. To have flexibility in accommodating variations in motor and driven equipment due to operating conditions, the tolerance is highly essential. Our competitors offer a 3-tap design or a single tap design, thus offering an inferior flexibility when it comes to starting current selection of the motor. This results high bypass current.

Electronic v/s FCMA soft starters

S.no Differentiating Points

Electronic Type soft starter

Lecon FCMAplus /HFSRplus Soft Starter

01 Principle of Operation Using Thyristor / IGBT/MOSFET Control; power electronic device will cut the sine wave disturbing the fundamental frequency of the sine wave
The FCMA soft starter of Lecon energetics is entirely Harmonics Free systems.
Reduced Voltage by potential divider action. Motor voltage increases gradually with speed upto 95%. Final bypass to full voltage. Only Amplitude control, so no harmonics.
The FCMA soft starter of Lecon energetics is entirely Harmonics Free systems.
02 Starting Current Starting current is higher in the range of 3.5 – 4 times the full load current, and cannot achieve a lower starting current of 1-1.5 times the full load current. Starting current is reduced to the minimum theoretical value as no current is wasted in harmonics. The entire current is at fundamental frequency. With the offered FCMAplus/HFSRplussoft starting solution, the starting current can be reduced to 1 – 1.5Ifl
03 Harmonics Since the fundamental sine wave is disturbed, harmonics are generated, polluting the power system and damaging capacitors, increased heating in motors etc. FCMAplus/HFSRplus are entirely Harmonics Free systems.
04 Maintenance Electronics Technology obsolescence after 3-4 years. Spares are imported and costly, mostly not available due to obsolescence. Hence heavy expenditure for the replacement. No obsolescence. MAKE IN INDIA PRODUCT, Simple and rugged system. No routine maintenance required.
05 Reliability and Operation Power electronics components are prone to failure. Requires controlled cooling environment, thereby increasing the capital and running cost of the equipment. Ensures high reliability. Can operate in the harsh environment; up to 50°C ambient temperatures, without any need of cooling.