Special Offering

Special Model to offer staring current of 1-1.5Ifl*

  • We use closed loop control using a PLC
  • We provide reduced voltage starting method of motor with FCMAplus technology as per IEC 60076-6 and IS5553 (Part 3)
  • FCMAplus soft starters are designed specific to each motor, analysing motor and load torque speed curves, current speed, and moment of inertia
  • We offer a special model of the LT soft starter which reduces motor starting current to 1-1.5Ifl
  • Motor acceleration torque will be ten percent at any speed to ensure healthy acceleration within the thermal withstand time of the motor
  • For HT/MV applications, motor starting current can be further reduced to close to the rated current, by adding power factor capacitor and/or Dynamic compensator
  • These models can be offered as a complete solution with incoming breaker/MCCB and can be offered as attachment for the existing star delta starter by opening the star connection of star contactor
  • With the star-delta FCMAplus starters, we offer closed transition

*These are typical starting current values based on design and customer experience. Actual measurement may vary based on actual site condition.